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Marinated Bocconcini

Marinated Bocconcini

This is a super easy recipe and works perfectly as an appetiser for a dinner party or a gathering of friends and family.



1. Bocconcini Cheese by Spotted Cow Fromagerie x 1 portion (8 balls)

2. Sicilian Basil Pesto by Bella Cucina x 175g jar

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Colavita x 1 cup

4. Chilli Flakes by Snapin x 1

5. Cherry Tomatoes x 3-4



1. Empty the Sicilian Basil Pesto into a bowl. - Wash jar and set aside, for use later.

2. Roll the Bocconcini Balls in the Sicilian Basil Pesto, and then mix with 1-2 table-spoons of chilli flakes, one ball at a time and set aside for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

3. Put the marinated Bocconcini Balls and washed cherry tomatoes in the emptied jar and fill with Olive Oil.


Your marinated Bocconcini Balls are ready.

You can serve them directly in the jar or empty it out in a container of your choice.

Quick Tip: You can serve these bocconcini balls with some delicious sourdough bread sliced and lightly toasted.